Big Bad Wolf

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The Big Bad Wolf section is an invitation from MOTELX and various fantastic creatures to the world of imagination. A connection created between children and the universe of cinema, games and fantasy. Through various activities and monstrous exhibitions over the last few years of the Festival, we have developed a following with our younger audience that has allowed the section to evolve.

No one is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf, a section of the MOTELX Festival aimed at younger audiences, aged 6 to 12, seeks to work on the relationship between the children's universe and the horror universe. In addition to showing (very light) horror films, this section includes activities and group sessions to later work on the themes covered in the films through creative workshops in visual arts, photography, writing, video or even theater plays.

From the now famous Peddy Paper (M/6), an immersive clue game behind the scenes of Cinema São Jorge, to video or History of Cinema workshops (M/8), including workshops for babies from 18 months, everything can take place in the Lobo Mau section. Also in collaboration with the educational services of partner entities such as the Cinemateca Júnior, the former Museu Coleção Berardo or the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, the Lobo Mau section of MOTELX has continued to promote interaction between the youngest , the universe of (very light) horror and art, in other spaces in the city.

Our varied programming seeks to stimulate the imagination of children to make the horror story more playful. The program assumes that knowing your fears means knowing a fundamental part of yourself. Playful activities and horror films aimed at children make it possible to approach complex themes, such as body awareness, acceptance of differences and even the well-known fear of the dark.

In this special section of MOTELX we work on children's fears and frustrations through games and films. If there is a fear of the dark, we turn on a flashlight and play with shadows. We thought about the monster under the bed, and built our own paper monster. And beyond that, we know stories about friendly creatures on the big screen. These are activities that raise awareness of the complexities of the world through art and cinema. Helping Little Red Riding Hood cross a dark forest is not only fun, it can expand children's repertoire of emotions and the bonds between friends and family.

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