Big Bad Wolf


The least scary section returns for the Festival’s 17th anniversary with the most endearing programming to entertain the younger audience.

Big Bad Wolf 2023 Programme

The Big Bad Wolf section is an invitation from MOTELX, and various fantastic creatures, to the world of imagination. A connection created between children and the universe of cinema through fun and fantasy. The screening of films and the construction of activities are intended to stimulate the little ones and entertain the whole family with a great diversity of curious worlds. And thus subvert the premise that “horror films are fairy tales for adults”.

In 2023, the Big Bad Wolf visited the CoolBrave Project, of the Pressley Ridge Institution, for a film workshop guided by Bernardo Gramaxo (The Takes), a long-time partner of the section. In a session organised in the Auditorium of Dr. Azevedo Neves School, a group of 11 children improvised a story where they could demystify and face their fears while staging and documenting the experience. The final result will be screened in a session focusing on films directed and/or starring young people and children. And, because this year we celebrate the centenary of Portuguese animation, several national short-films will be present in the two sessions of Short Scares. The film sessions will also feature the screening of the Brazilian feature film “Perlimps”, by Alê Abreu, premiered at the 2022 Annecy Festival.

The educational component of the Big Bad Wolf section follows the motto of this new edition of MOTELX, with a workshop around traditional fables and gastronomy, presented by Atelier Mina, and once again explores the home that hosts the Festival, Cinema São Jorge, with the mythical Paper Chase Game. New this year is the collaboration with the Pirilampos Ed. Project, which will provide an emotional intelligence workshop to develop skills that allow children to have a voice and be able to contribute to our society in a balanced ecosystem.

We invite you to be part of our beloved Big Bad Wolf! And, if you still have doubts, remember the Portuguese saying: one who does not risk, does not snack (nothing ventured, nothing gained)!

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