The city of seven hills

Lisbon is known as “The White City”. The light, the environment, and the weather provide wonderful promenades through several historical areas of the city.
As a visitor there are many hotels and hostels to spend the night.
Discover Lisbon through the Lisbon’s Tourism Association website (
Known for its seven hills overlooking the Tagus river, Lisbon offers everything you need from a trendy European capital, without all the hassle from other cities. Gothic Cathedrals, monasteries, museums and much more complete this peculiar city, but the real quirks are hidden throughout the narrow streets away from the crowds.
To discover Lisbon one must go beyond the tourist routes and explore the city on foot or even on one of its famous trams.

During the day the sun invites you to a nice walk downtown, but it's at night that Lisbon completely transforms and one can enjoy all the culture and meet the people of Lisbon. Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré and Bica are some of the neighbourhoods offering the best food, music and much more.

And when you're familiar with everything there's always the surrounding areas, from the beaches in Cascais, the shopping malls of Benfica and the castles of Sintra, all of them a short train trip away.
Find out more about this beautiful city through Lisbon’s Tourism Association website at
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