Image & Video Spot


16ª Edition


The idea is simple: people getting ready to leave the house.

Video Spot

The music suggests a possible date. The characters do what is usually done before a romantic endeavour: they get ready, dress up, make themselves up, retouch the last details. Details are also what we get with the close-ups which focus on the gestures, creating an aura of curiosity. Who are these people? The doubt is dissipated in a moment of revelation. They are not exactly what we expected: characters from horror movies getting ready, sure, but for the Festival. The visual concept is a continuation of the spot. The final result is shown through portraits of these characters.


Agency: WYcreative

Creative Directors:
Rui Simões / Carlos Pontes

Copywriter: Rui Simões
Designer: David Canaes
Production: STILL
Production: José Neto
Executive Producer: João Silva

Director: João Fanfas
Director of Photography: Vítor Rebelo (Maninho)
Assistant Director: António Amaral

Production Manager: Mariana Neto
Production Assistant: Pedro Neto

Focus Puller: Hugo Ramos
Cinematography Assistnat: Bruno Palma-Veríssimo

Video Assist: Vasco Mascarenhas
Chief Electrician: António Milheiro
Electrician Assistants: João Rato e João Mendes
Chief Machinery: Horácio Gonçalves
Machinery Assistant: Rui Martins
Shooting Material: Showreel / Grupo Nova Imagem

Wardrobe: Isabel Quadros
Wardrobe Assistants: Catarina Mota e Beatriz Teixeira
Make-Up, Characterisation & Hair: Alexandra Espinhal

Art Direction: Las Chicas D’el Arte
Props: Maria Monteiro
Prop Storage: Gaveta Special
Props: João Rapaz / Oldskull
Actor Agency: Chiado Factory 
Cast: Catarina Mota, Beatriz Teixeira, Filipa Archer, Paulo Nuno, João Soares

Offline Editor: Marco Miguel
Online Editor: Margarett Furtado
Grading: Paulo Inês
Image Post-Production: Lightfilm
Original Music: Fred Ferreira
Sound Technician: Artur Santos Sound
Post-production: Skills Studio
Post-production Coordinator: Mariana Perestrelo
Photographer: Hugo David

Making Of

Behind the scenes pictures.
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