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13ª Edition


This year's poster was designed by Playground.

Video Spot

From a long story with a beginning, middle and end, we only have an extract of about 1 minute left.

It may seem very little, but there is something immeasurable about the two characters we see. They are enough just by the way they behave.

We are not concerned with knowing where they came from, who they are or what their next steps will be. The whole of their existence is fulfilled in that they are simply there, at that very moment.

Something happens and we realise that we are not facing a theater of random circumstances. There will certainly be a plausible justification for what has happened, but we don’t have to explain it. Because, to unravel it would steer us away from the most important aspects of what we are seeing.

Doubt persists. Tension grows. Colour and sound become the main characters. And that's when we arrive to this privileged place from which we do not want to leave. The altar at where the unknown and the inexplicable fascinate us.


Creative Director / Director: Rui Vieira
DOP: Leandro Ferrão

Cast: Romeu Vala  & Julia Valente 

Producer: Playground
Executive Producer: Alexandra Dias
Line Producer: João Abreu

Focus Puller
: Leandro Scarpin
Video Assist: Diana Amaro

Make-up & Special Effects: Andy Dyo
Make-up Assistant: Kseniia Popkova
Behind the Scenes: Ana Lia Martins

Chief Electrician: Álvaro Sousa
Electricians: Hugo Nunes & Ivo Ribeiro
Chief Driver: Ricardo Abrantes
Drivers: Valter Carvalho & Rodrigo Abrantes
Post-producer: Ricardo Montez
Editing: Diogo Lima
Grade: Jennifer Mendes
Original Soundtrack Sound Design: Núcleo Audio

Graphic Designer: Pedro Maia
Photographer: Rui Vieira

With the support of Grupo Nova Imagem, Showreel, Planar, Loudness, Hit Management, Agente a Norte, Muzt Agency and Netcast.

Making Of

Behind the scenes pictures.
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