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13ª Edition


This year's poster was designed by BY, with Photography by SKYEYE

Video Spot

A black knight descends through the entrance to a dungeon. He is armed with his faithful sword and a torch to light his way. Deep in the throat of the dungeon, a cursed relic waits to be rescued ... an artefact capable of bringing to life its band of brothers, fallen in combat.

In 2018, the 12th edition of the Lisbon horror festival allows a trip to the realm of medieval fantasy; of cloak and sword, of magic and, of course, of dreadful terror.

An atmosphere of pulp adventure, which will drink from films like Sam Raimi's "Dark Army", and creatures that might have been taken from a Ray Harryhausen movie.

Stand up brothers! MOTELX has arrived!



Photographic Production Catarina Barreiros (SkyEye)
Artistic Direction Joana Dionísio
Image post-production Carlos Pontes (By)
Graphic design Carlos Pontes (By)


Producer Frederico Serra (Take It Easy) 
Cast João Maia, João Pereira, Francisco Dias, Bruno Duhamel, Ricardo Lebre
Director Jerónimo Rocha
DoP Nuno Marques, Hugo Azevedo
Editor João Canadinhas
Director of Production Andreia Nunes
Costume Design and Props Espada Lusitana 
Makeup Artist Júlio Alves [Oldskull FX]
Thumbnails and Stopmotion João Miguel Real [Easylab]
Traditional Animation Effects Leonor Pacheco [Easylab]
Visual effects Manuel Santiago, Pedro Motta [Push VFX]
Music Filipe Lopes
Sound and Mix Design António Porém Pires [ Walla Collective]

Making Of

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