Special Programme: Experimental Horror Short Films

This year, for the first time, MOTELX unlocks a dialogue between the chaotic wonders of experimental filmmaking and cinematic horror, both sharing the grounds of counter-culture.

Stylistic challenges and alternative approaches are found in them two, and with a new short films showcase we bring forward the experiments that (re)built today and tomorrow's horror films visual identity.While abandoning traditional narrative and concept of causality, deconstructing the visual vocabulary and removing all familiarities, experimental films have the ability to create transe-life nightmares with never before seen techniques.

Like Frankenstein’s monster, the frighteningly difformed body of cinema is auscultated down to its celluloid bowels and guts, defying all logical conventions.

These hypnotic experiences are nothing short of disorienting spells to the audience, hallucinatory rituals, utilizing cinema as a tool of divination and invoking its primitive demonic roots. We will be exploring the sources of these frightful visions and searching through them for new perspectives in movie terror.

Prepare for a short film kaleidoscope of macabre poetry, haunted blurs, occult images and chromatic puzzles, from the works of experimental innovators.
Films will be announced soon
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