Jean-Christophe Meurisse's second feature film will premiere on June 9, exclusively at Cinema Ideal, in Lisbon.
A screening with the MOTELX stamp that continues to promote the best in horror cinema from around the world.

"Bloody Oranges", the winner of the MOTELX Audience Award 2021, directed by actor/director Jean-Christophe Meurisse, has its premiere on June 9, at 9:30pm, at Lisbon's Cinema Ideal, in Bairro Alto.

This black comedy - the third film in the French director's career - satirizes, in a mosaic format, various sectors of contemporary French society. In this way, the film unfolds through different stories simultaneously, whose terror results from their mix of actuality and unpredictability: a retired couple overwhelmed by debts tries to win a dance contest, a fraudulent Minister of Economy is suspected of tax evasion, a teenage girl meets a sex maniac, and a young lawyer tries to climb the social hierarchy. In these intersecting social and haunted contexts, the twists and turns are as unexpected as they are terrifying.

With a surprising unfolding and an unexpected outcome, the film that was part of the official selection for the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, drinks from Sam Peckinpah's westerns and John Boorman's classic "Deliverance".

The film website ScreenAnarchy considers that in "Bloody Oranges" "Meurisse elevates the New French Burlesque to a dark place", Screen Daily writes that the feature is "a violent verbal and visual attack on political correctness". Variety magazine reveals that "after a first half of satirical humor, 'Bloody Oranges' takes a turn to make everything previously presented even heavier and more compelling." "Few films change styles halfway through and even fewer do so successfully," he adds.

"Bloody Oranges" has a national premiere scheduled for June 9, at 9:30pm, exclusively at Cinema Ideal, in Lisbon, through MOTELX. Tickets can be purchased at the Cinema Ideal box office, every day, starting at 1:30pm. 
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