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MOTELx 2018

12ª Edition


This year's poster was designed by BY, with Photography by SKYEYE

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Welcome to 2017. When horror is stranger than fiction.

The Lisbon horror festival’s 11th edition comes to us in the year of post-truth, strange facts, and a profound division of opinions and beliefs. And, since we cannot compete with such horror, the best we can do is join it!

The best way to celebrate these times of apocalyptic auspice is to honour the found footage subgenre and the legendary snuff films, celebrating the formal tools that usually flood our daily lives to slowly terrorize us and make us go insane: news, podcasts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts...

Using the profane tradition of the Devils of Vinhais as a background – one of the many examples of profane-religious miscegenation that is celebrated in our country – we enhance our own Portuguese folk horror, launching a collection of horror fragments spread throughout time and captured via the most diverse methods - from the daguerreotype to the GoPro.
Throughout generations, groups of individuals in costumes have crossed the rural interior during purge nights, recording in small amateur films their horror reverencing scenarios and the hunting’s real (real?) outcome.

This year we dare to see the forbidden.

MOTELX, where horror is welcome.

Jerónimo Rocha (Director)



Photographic Production Catarina Barreiros (SkyEye)
Artistic Direction Joana Dionísio
Image post-production Carlos Pontes (By)
Graphic design Carlos Pontes (By)
Devils Frederico Serra, Jerónimo Rocha, João Miguel Real


Producer Frederico Serra (Take It Easy) 
Cast Erica Rodrigues, Ana Amorim, Guilherme Barroso, Miguel Lopes Rodrigues, Tiago Lima, Rafael Fragoso, Daniela Macário, Sofia Marques Leal Assistant Director Luís Lisboa
DoP Nuno Marques
Second Unit Joana Soares
Editor João Canadinhas
Sound Design & Mix Tiago Matos (WALLA COLLECTIVE)
Production Manager João Cabezas
Costume Design Isabel Carmona, Susana Jones (ARRANCA CORAÇÕES) Makeup Catarina Santiago, Guilherme Gamito (OLDSKULL FX)
Stunt Coordinator David Chan (MAD STUNTS)
Production Crew João Costa, Mónica Martins, Nuno Simões, Ricardo Gandum
Production Accountant António Selas
Image and Materials Support Sandra Tomé (PLANAR)
Research Carlos Silva

Making Of

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