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16th Edition

Video summary 2022


Masterclasses, workshops, book presentations and the return of MOTELQuiz, from which we highlight the presentation of "MOTELX’s Lost Room - The Films of Portuguese Horror (1911-2006)", the masterclass by producer Paulo Branco and the live recording of BANG! magazine's podcast, BANGCAST. 

Book Presentation “MOTELX’s Lost Room - The Films of Portuguese Horror (1911-2006)”

“MOTELX’s Lost Room - The Films of Portuguese Horror (1911-2006)” resumes this section’s objective by suggesting a national corpus of this cinematographic genre. This book therefore presents a set of texts about these films, offering a first look at them, written by a heterogenous group of authors, such as directors, academics and artists.

MOTELQuiz: The Comeback

The epic MOTELQuiz night returned with questions about horror and pop culture in a laid-back evening where prizes and susprises were plenty.

MOTELX Horror Island - VR Experience

MOTELX Horror Island is a virtual reality game which involves the imagery of the Festival and its home base, Cinema São Jorge. Inside the game, the goal is to find the portal that takes the player to a safe space, away from the ghosts that inhabit the cinema’s facilities. Developed by teachers and students from IADE — Faculty of Design, Technology and Innovation of Universidade Europeia, this experience challenged its participants to come out unscathed of this survival game, where only the bravest prevailed.


In 2022, we had guests from all around the world, such as directors Aaron Benson e Justin Moorhead ("Something in the Dirt"), Ana Clara Rodríguez Dovat ("Katmandú"), Angeles Huerta ("O Corpo Aberto") Fredrik S. Hana ("From.Beyond" e "Autumn Harvest"), Jacques Molitor ("Wolfkin"), John Andreas Andersen ("The Burning Sea"), Keishi Kondo ("New Religion"), actors Tamar Novas e Victoria Guerra and the crew of "O Corpo Aberto", actress Ilenia Pastorelli ("Dark Glasses"), and producer Paulo Branco.
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