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6th Edition


This year's poster was made by BY and designer Filipe Alves.

Video Spot

"Alarms everywhere. Lisbon is deserted and in ruins. A gigantic creature roams through the unusual fog, absorbing the city's monuments. This year, inspired by the poster, I decided to make Lisbon the main character of the ad. 
After last year's closeness to the deadline I decided to start early this year. Take It Easy associated once again to Nebula Studios to create a giant digital "Golem" made of rocks and monuments, which we would animate walking around the city through photographic plates which we were lucky to capture throughout the year, whenever the weather was foggy. The aim was not to show the chaos of catastrophe films, but the calmness and post factum of a horrible event. We used natural sounds and no soundtrack, almost documentary-like. It was a very stimulating process because it allowed me to experiment with a technique I usually don't use. And it was worth it."
- Jerónimo Rocha (Realizador)


Producer: Frederico Serra 
Director: Jerónimo Rocha 
Director of Photography: Tiago Xavier
Line Producer: Frederico Serra 

Sound Department 
Sound Design: Henrique Lima - SOM DE LISBOA 

Art Department 
Concept Design: Jerónimo Rocha 

Camera Department 
Camera: Tiago Xavier 

Post-Production Department
Post-Production Coordination Support: Maria João António 
Visual Effects: Nebula Studios 
Animation Production Manager: Guilherme Afonso 
Creature modelling: Rui Pereira 
3D Animation: João Pires 
3D Render: Miguel Madaíl 
Pós-production and compositing: André Gaspar 

Accounting: António Selas 

Som de Lisboa
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