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Masterclasses and live streamed talks.

Making Genre - From Concept to Distribution

Producer Josh C. Waller (“Mandy”, “Colour Out of Space”) sits with a
group of peers to discuss the overall process of making genre mov- ies – from the earliest hints of an idea to the hiring of the actors, from the (hopefully) packed screenings at a festival. 

The (Unfinished) Overseas Trilogy: A conversation with Tino Navarro and Joaquim Leitão

The ideologists of this entreprise are producer Tino Navarro and director Joaquim Leitão, a duo synonymous with box office successes in Portugal. Both will be talking about the difficulties in the process of writing, producing and directing these films, taking into account the specificity of the theme, in the year that marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the conflict.

Murderous Fury Panel

Debate with Ana Moreira (actress/director), Jorge Martins Rosa (uni-
versity professor), Inês Lourenço (film journalist) and João Monteiro (MOTELX programmer), with moderation by Carolina Franco (Gerador).


In 2021, producer Josh C. Waller joined MOTELX for a talk with the audience.

Josh C. Waller



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