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12th Edition

Video summary 2018


Everything from masterclasses and quizzes to open air screenings and workshops.

Exhibit "The Most Chilling Tales of H.P. Lovecraft"

Exhibit of works of 22 national illustrators that showcase the work of one of the greatest horror writers. 


Game of questions and answers about pop and geek culture, horror cinema (but not only), and many prizes and surprises. 

The Most Chilling Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

Book launch by the publisher Saída de Emergência. 

VHS Nights

"Sotto Il Vestito Niente II" by Dario Piana (Italy, 1988)

Frankenstein: The Inheritance of Mary Shelley

All-female panel to discuss the place of the novel "Frankenstein" in our era and how it continues to be a current and relevant reading. 


Lucifer Rising + Invocation of My Demon Brother by Kyron, Helena Espvall and Mo'Junkie.

Casa do Cais X MOTELX

World premiere of the short film "I'm Not a Ghost, Not Yet a Demon". 

Dressing Horror

Masterclass by Luís Sequeira, moderated by Catarina Rito. 

Getting the Fear

Masterclass by Andy Nyman, moderated by Stephen Thrower. 

Horror Game Jam Gala

The first truly terrifying game jam. In partnership with Universidade Lusófona. 

Senta-te e Joga Live!

Presented by the channel Mau Perder.

DJ Set Maiovvi

DJ Set at Lounge Bar by Antoni Maiovvi, with Jen Orlando and Mário Valente. 

Behind "Saw" and "Insidious": Masterclass Leigh Whannell

Masterclass by Leigh Whannell, moderated by Tiago R. Santos.

The Spanish Horror Before and After "[Rec]"

Masterclass by Paco Plaza, moderated by Filipe Melo.


The director Leigh Whannell was this year's guest of honour.

Leigh Whannell

Director, actor


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