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7th Edition


This year's two versions of the poster were made by BY and designer Filipe Alves.

Video Spot

"Take It Easy has worked with MOTELX every since its first edition. As a member of Take, I have always been connected to MOTELX since that time. After directing last year's ad - which involved a gigantic monster made of monuments walking along a destroyed Lisbon - I became interested in reaching out to space. Space horror.
I also became interested in trying old special effects techniques, associated with horror cinema since its early days. I wanted to ditch 3D and return to make up and practical effects, constructing miniatures and models and creating latex monsters. 
Funny enough, that year I met a group of people whose combined talents seemed to be all the ingredients to make those wishes come true.
Taking the premise of the 1979 classic «Alien» (that for me encapsulates everything there is to know about horror in space) I built this scene about a confrontation between a girl and a diabolical being inside a huge freighter ship about to collide with an alien world.
This sequence started to grow in my hand and it finally exploded like a hand grenade. The ad became a short film and the short film became something even bigger.
Small questions that arouse during pre-production while designing the sequence, triggered even more questions, answers and details.
I became more knowledgeable about the girl, the monster and the ship. So when it finally came the time to present it to Take and the Festival, I knew it was something big and bold like never before."
- Jerónimo Rocha (Realizador)


Produção/Producer: Frederico Serra 
Realização/Director: Jerónimo Rocha 
Assistente de Realização/Assistant Director: Luís Lisboa 
Director de Fotografia/Director of Photography: João Lança Morais 

Production Department 
Line Producer: João Cabezas 
Production Assistants:
Tiago Nogueira, João Costa,
Susana Oliveira, Pedro Bárbara,
Mónica Martins and João Barata 

Sound Department 
Music: Filipe Lopes 
VCello: Ana Oliveira
Electric Guitar: Igor C. Silva
Pendingstein: Filipe Lopes
Sound Engineer: Luís Motrena
Sound Design: Henrique Lima - Som de Lisboa 

Siena R. S. : Sofia Helena
Panmorphya Zenopod: Frederico Amaral
Yuri W. V. : Cesário Monteiro 

Art Department 
Production Designer: Jerónimo Rocha
Art Direction: Luís Monteiro
Props Assistant: Pedro Navalha 

Key Wardrobe: Isabel Carmona
Wardrobe: Susana Jones

Focus Puller: Wiktor Palanovski
Clap Loader: Miguel Varandas
Video Assist. Camera: Nuno Silva 
Key Grip: Paulo Miguel Rosa
Grip: José Alves 

Key Gaffer: Paulo Alves “Joca”
Gaffer Assistants:
Hugo Alves, Tiago Alves and Sérgio Costa 

Action Coordinator 
David Chan - Mad Stunts 

Makeup Fx and Special Effects
Coordinator: João Rapaz e Helena Batista
Makeup: Rita de Castro, Olga Cardoso
Special Fx Assistants:
Rita Anjos, Patrícia Guerreiro 

Ship Building Crew
Coordinator: Bruno Caetano
João Faria, Ruben Botelho,
Anabela Faria, Simon Griesser,
João Rapaz, Jerónimo Rocha, Luís Nunes
Modelmakers' Asistants:
Raquel Sousa, Ana Oliveira, Mário Lucas,
Ricardo Antunes, Olga Fernandes,
Patrícia Guerreiro, Paulo Silva 

Graphic Design and Iconographic Animation 
Design: Jerónimo Rocha
Animation: Maria Mónica 

Planetary Chemical Effects 
C. Andrew Rohrmann
Matte Painting: Jerónimo Rocha   

Post Production Coordination: Simon Griesser - Salon Alpin 
Post-Production Coordenation Support: Maria João António
Image Composition: Simon Griesser - Salon Alpin
Additional Post-Production: Sara Marques
Colour Correction: Paulo Inês - Light Film
DCP Mastering: Marcelo Barroso - Kontentor Films   

Video Making Of: Tiago Xavier, Sara Marques
Photographic Making Of: Joaquim Leal, Tiago Xavier 

Repérage: João Paulo Rafael 

Contabilidade/Accounting: António Selas 

Filmado na Estação Eléctrica do Carregado Filmed at Carregado Electrical Plant 


EDP. Electricidade de Portugal
Eng. Vitor Cordeiro
Olga Cabral
João Carvalho
Electro Pizão
Joana Soares
Tiago Guedes
Sandro Aguilar


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