Previous Editions


5th Edition


This year's poster was made by BY and designer Filipe Alves.

Video Spot

"A group of hoodlums ransacks an abandoned building to look for a creature living there. This was the premise that Rita Barbosa presented to me when I was asked to direct this project.
A week before the deadline me and a group of usual suspects made it happen! It was a very fun and easygoing experience, with no technical perfectionism, taking advantage of the fact that these days it's so easy for someone to shoot something and edit a story on their computer (or even their phone). Besides, I was able to experiment a bit with animation, during the brief seconds when the creature is seen (likely to be the offspring of the creature in this year's poster). The end result shows, in my opinion, how much fun it was to film and jumpstarted my relationship with MOTELX as a director for ads that followed, which was the beginning of a great adventure"
- Jerónimo Rocha (Director)


Producer: Frederico Serra 
Director: Jerónimo Rocha 
Line Producer: Tiago Xavier 
Original concept: Rita Barbosa 
Editor: Jerónimo Rocha 

Sound Department 
Sound Design: Henrique Lima - SOM DE LISBOA

Robbers: António Selas, Jerónimo Rocha,
Nico Guedes, Tiago Xavier and Joana Soares

Camera Department 
Camera: Tiago Xavier, Joana Soares 

Art Department
Propmaster: Suzie Peterson 

Makeup Fx and Special Effects 
Coordinator: Suzie Peterson 

Post-Production Department
Post Production Coordination support: Maria João António 
Creature animation: Jerónimo Rocha 

Accounting: António Selas 

Miss Suzie 
Som de Lisboa 

Special thanks: 
Pedro Cruz 
Liliana Rodrigues 
Rita Barbosa
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