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2nd Edition


This year's poster was designed by Luís Castro from BY.

Video Spot

"For the second year of the Festival we felt that this ad should be the opposite of the last one. There was a need to diversify the Festival's audience so we decided to make a straightforward and less gory story.
With a dose of irony and some David Lynch influence, MOTELX "The Chicken"  is basically every chicken's biggest nightmare. But is it all a dream?
This project's biggest challenge was making sure the chickens had the desired acting.
Several hours after, we finished the film with every intended shot. Just like last year's film, the ending is unexpected!"
- Paco (Director)


Producer: Frederico Serra 
Director: Paco Cruz 
Assist. Director: Luís Lisboa 
Director of Photography: João Lança Morais
Editor: Paco Cruz 

Production Department 
Production Manager: Miguel Rebelo da Silva
Line Producer: João Cabezas 
Production Assistant: Alexandra Alves 

Sound Department
Sound Design: Henrique Lima - Som de Lisboa
Sound Engineer: Edinho 

Art Department 
Art Direction: Take it Easy 
Props Assistant:
João Madeira, Paulo Cabrita

Camera Department 
Focus Puller: 
João Natividade, Tiago Silva 
Video Assist: Joana Alcazar 

Gaffer: Álvaro Sousa 
Gaffer Assistant: 
Alberto Braga, Joseney Loiola
Generator: Rui Rodrigues 
Intern: António Lima 

Post Production Department
Post Production Coordination support: Maria João António 
Image Composition: Bikini Creative Studio 

Animal Handler: Fernando Silva - Educacão 

Accounting: António Selas 

CM Almada
Som de Lisboa 
Restaurante “O Transmontano”
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