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This year's poster was designed by Carlos Pontes.

Video Spot

"I was asked to develop a film/ad with the following premise: a film that takes place inside a motel, but not an ordinary motel, the one and only MOTELX (the eternal cliché setting of horror movies).
And so MOTELX was born, a mixture of a B-movie trailer with some Grindhouse influences. Four characters walk along the motel's room and halls: the naive waitress (Maria do Mar), the dead bride who haunts the guests (Joana Faria), the lost outsider whose car broke down and needs a place to spend the night (Cesário Monteiro) and of course the mysterious stranger trying to save all the characters (Carlos Afonso)."
- Paco (Director)


Producer: Frederico Serra 
Director: Paco Cruz 
Assist. Director: Luís Lisboa
Director of Photography: João Lança Morais
Editor: Luca Alverdi 

Production Department
Line Producer: João Cabezas 
Production Secretary: Márcia Meireles
Location Manager: Luís Gonçalves 
Production Assistant: Jorge Salgueiro 

Sound Department 
Sound Design: Som de Lisboa/Digital Mix 
Sound Enginner: Edinho 
Voiceover: Alfredo Brito 

Hotel Maid: Maria do Mar 
Bridesmaid: Joana Faria 
Headless man: Cesário Monteiro
Man: Carlos Afonso 

Art Department 
Art Direction: Cypress Cook, Joana Faria
Propmaster: Cypress Cook 
Props Assistant: João Madeira 

Camera Department
Camera: João Lança Morais 
Focus Puller: Nuno Bouça 

Gaffer: Artur Andrade 
Gaffer Assistant: Pedro Machado 

Makeup Fx and Special Effects   
Wardrobe: Joanne Gatefield 
Makeup: Cauê 
Special Fx:
Joana Faria, Cypress Cook, João Madeira 
Catering: Mellos Catering 

Post-Production Department
Post-Production Coordination support: Maria João António 
Post-Production: Bikini Creative Studio 
Flame Artist: Ricardo Melo 
Post-Production technical Adviser: Joaquim Cunha 
Colour Correction: Paulo Inês 
Accounting: António Selas

Support: Cinemate ,Planar ,Light Film Bikini ,Mellos Catering ,Hotel Atlântico
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