To warm up the mood, MOTELX will be promoting free events between 5 and 7 September.
MOTELX begins in Warm-Up mode with concerts, museum visits and even the return of the ghost of Ed Wood.

Nightmare at MNAA (Sold Out) 
September 5th

Visit to the National Museum of Ancient Art 
What demons haunt Bosch’s Temptations of St Anthony or the Hell that an unknown Portuguese master painted in the 16th century? What are the forces behind Cranach’s Salome with the Head of St. John the Baptist? This visit will shed a new light on some of the most important works of MNAA’s collection, establishing connections with the emotional landscapes that inhabit the world of horror and fantasy. The partnership between MOTELX and MNAA also contemplates an activity for children: "Lurking Creatures", a game/tour of the Museum.

A Piano Tuned By Fear
September 6th

Cine-concert by Filipe Raposo at Convento São Pedro de Alcântara
In this very special 13th edition of MOTELX, pianist and composer Filipe Raposo is our guest for the cine-concert held at the Convent of São Pedro de Alcântara, in a night of celebration of fear. In the form of an initiatory ritual, Raposo will summon around his piano ancient litanies that populate our cinematic imagination: "Frogs and witches, owls, demons, goblins and dams, spirits, crows, magpies and magicians, spells from healers, moving fire of the rotten left-handed, light of the moving animals, light of the piercing dead, evil eye, black envy, air of death, thunder and lightning, sinful tongue of an evil woman married to an old man. Return Satan to whence you came from". The perfect exorcism for an unforgettable night.

Ed Wood
September 7th

Open-Air Screening at Largo Trindade Coelho
In celebration of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”’s 60th anniversary, MOTELX will revisits the iconic figure that has become Ed Wood and kicks off its film screenings with an open air screening of Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood”, a love letter to “bad cinema” through the life of one its most recognised authors. The film is set during the period when Wood began filming and ends with his adventures on the set of his masterpiece - “Plan 9 From Outer Space” - with a special focus on his relationship with actor Bela Lugosi, played by Martin Landau. In the cast, apart from Johnny Depp starring as Ed Wood, we can also find Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette, and Bill Murray.

Free entrance 
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