The microSHORTS Award is back!

Make a horror microSHORT of up to 2 minutes with your mobile phone, webcam or tablet and send it to

The winning short film will be screened at the Closing Ceremony of MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival's 16th edition!

Submit your films until 10 August, with no fear.


The promoter of this Award is CTLX - Cineclube de Terror de Lisboa, (CTLX), organizing entity of MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival (MOTELX).  Participation in this Award is voluntary and free of charge, not depending on the acquisition of any goods, right, or service. There is no direct or indirect intervention of the luck factor in this Award.  


1. The microSHORTS Award aims at promoting horror cinema and the use of new technologies in cinematographic productions. 

 2. Only submissions considered as short films of the “horror” genre will be accepted.   

3. The short films have to be entirely shot with a mobile phone, webcam or a tablet. Short films made with any other means will be automatically disqualified. 

 4. Audio and video post-production software can be used by all participants.   

5. Each short film will have a maximum length of two minutes (including credits).   

6. The participant will be the author of the submitted film and fully responsible for its content, namely in what concerns copyrights. 

 7. Those who wish to participate can send in their films (mp4 file or a link with the possibility of downloading the film) by e-mail to minors will need a signed authorisation from their parents or legal guardians.   

8. Submissions are open until 23h59 of 10 August 2022.   

9. CTLX can decide to extend the submission deadline due to exceptional circumstances at its full discretion.   

10. Once submissions are closed, the films selected by MOTELX's programming team will be made available on MOTELX’s Facebook page (, through a playlist created on MOTELX’s YouTube channel (HERE), where social media users will select their favourite short films with likes. Participants will be able to share their films during this period that will take place between 00h00 of 11 August 2022 and 23h59 of 3 September 2022.   

11. CTLX will confirm all films’ conformity to these regulations. Submissions that do not meet one or more of these specifications will be excluded, at CTLX’s full discretion.   

12. To determine the finalist submissions, all short films that will have gathered a minimum of 20 likes will be evaluated by CTLX who, at its sole discretion, will consider creativity, originality, and the adequacy of the participants to the mandatory theme.   

13. If there isn’t a number of short films considered enough to make this Award, CTLX can decide, at its own discretion, to select submissions that have a lower count of likes.   

14. CTLX can, at its sole discretion, exclude any short film from the competition that is considered to have significant technical problems that it hinders the viewers’ experience or to not comply to the proposed theme.   


15. A maximum of 30 short films will be selected by CTLX for the final round. These will then be evaluated by a jury composed of three elements named by CTLX, who will then select the winning film.   

16. The finalists will be informed by e-mail and the winning short film will be screened at MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival’s 16th edition’s Closing Ceremony. The winner will receive a double invitation to attend the ceremony. The organisation exclusively provides a double invitation, not covering any travel or living expenses.   

17. The jury’s decision is final and there is no appeal.  

18. The following materials will be requested to participants with selected short films:  
a) A copy of the short film;
b) Credits and synopsis;
c) 1 high-res still;
d) 1 high-res photograph of the director and the crew;
e) Signed declaration of copyright and related rights. 


19. All requested participants’ personal data is required to validate each one’s submission to this Award; the omission and/or inaccuracy of provided information are of the participants’ sole responsibility. The participants expressly authorize the data provided to be collected by CTLX for the purposes of the present Award, with the guarantee of their confidentiality and security.   

20. Participants authorize CTLX to use their name, image, audio, and all other sent elements, for communication purposes related to this Award, as CTLX will see fit, namely on the Internet, television, radio, or through the use of images, posters, films, and/or video promos, as well as in any type of advertising or promotion made for CTLX and/or its products or events, without the participants being able to claim any remuneration and/or compensation for their use.     


21. People professionally linked to CTLX, as well as all first-degree family members, cannot participate in this Award. 

22. CTLX reserves the right to suspend or cancel this Award, at any time, in the case of detected irregularities in the submission process, as well as in any other case beyond the control and will of CTLX, without having any duty or obligation to compensate or indemnify any participant.   

23. The potential suspension or cancellation of the Award will be duly announced on MOTELX’s social media.   

24. CTLX will decide on any matters not mentioned in these regulations. 

25. The participation in this Award implies full acceptance of these regulations.

Good Luck!
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