The Finalists of the MOTELX GUIÕES Award for the Best Portuguese Horror Script

The five finalists competing for the first MOTELX GUIÕES Award for the best Portuguese horror script have been announced.

The new competition is the result of a special partnership between MOTELX and GUIÕES - Festival do Roteiro de Língua Portuguesa, whose 9th edition takes place during the 17th International Horror Film Festival of Lisbon.
Maria não me Mates, by Sofia Perpétua, Mar Agreste, by André Marques, Dentes e Garras, by Francisco Lacerda and Amarino França, Trauma, by Tiago Matos, and Faz-te um Homem, by André Murraças, are the five titles competing for the prize for Best Portuguese Horror Script for feature films not yet produced, chosen by the selection team of the MOTELX and GUIÕES festivals, among more than 50 chilling proposals.

The finalists will be evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of Daniel Bandeira (director and screenwriter of the film Property, shown at the 17th MOTELX), Filipe Homem Fonseca (screenwriter and comedian) and Sandra Almeida (director and programmer of Shortcutz Lisboa). The winner, who will be revealed on 13 September, at Cinema São Jorge, will take home 2.000 euros.

This initiative, in collaboration with the GUIÕES Festival an essential platform for bringing together the Portuguese-speaking creative hub and professionals from the world film industry - arrives this year to leverage one of MOTELX's main objectives: boosting the production of more horror audiovisual works.

In addition to the competition of Portuguese horror scripts, the two festivals carry out a joint program that aims to promote a set of activities around writing and producing horror cinema, from workshops to film screenings, through debates and masterclasses. In the glorious menu of MOTELX’s 17th edition, to be tasted between 12 and 18 September, at Cinema São Jorge, horror is always served.
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