Portuguese Horror: The Past Winners of MOTELX 2015-2020

MOTELX partnered once again with Utopia - UK Portuguese Film Festival, in an exclusively online edition, to present the past winners of the MOTELX Award - Best Portuguese Horror Short Film / Méliès d'argent.
This year, the winning short films of the past 6 editions of the Festival (2015-2020) will be screened. 

The screening will be held on 22 November, at 20h, and will be followed by a talk with the directors Simão Cayatte, Belmiro Ribeiro, Gonçalo Almeida, Guilherme Daniel, and Fábio Rebelo. A viewing link will be made available on the screening's website page only at the schedule time.

The link will be available free of charge and live streamed worldwide.

The talk will be held in Portuguese.
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