MOTELX / Incógnito 1.0

This Thursday, 7 February, MOTELX will be at Incógnito for a night inspired by John Carpenter's universe. 
Domesticated fear. If we dominate it, in restricted contexts, the body, in a state of physical and psychological awareness, can enjoy a unique delight. It is very much like that in cinema, a place of chills and jubilations. Horror in the seventh art, a vast genre, has, over the last decades, grown to reach increased territories of creativity and exploring of emotions.

In Portugal, MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, offers since 2007, year of its first edition, the best horror films of today and yesterday, paying homage to the greatest names in the genre. One of them, maybe one of the most recognisable ones, John Carpenter, carries to the big screen the most primitive fears of mankind, digging deep into the spectators' primary characteristics and projecting them in tones of red enriched with blood and guts, and deafening screams. A master such as Carpenter knows how to play with what agitates us, shocking and stirring uproars that quickly change into pleasure as a final product. 

This Thursday, 7 February, the bar Incógnito invites MOTELX to travel through the world of horror, mixing image and music, for what promises to be an unforgettable night rocked by John Carpenter's universe. The domesticated fear will be joined by Bunny O'Williams and Ricardo Mariano as DJs, video-projections, competitions and other fantastic surprises.

The adventure begins at 23h and is certain to repeat itself every two months. Venture, risk it, bite it, and dance. 
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