Vincent Must Die

Vincent doit mourir

A film by Stéphan Castang

France, 2023, 108'

Vincent is an utterly unremarkable architect - he's boring, not very good at taking selfies, makes meaningless jokes and his girlfriend has left him. In the end, Vincent is just an unmystical creature for whom we feel, above all, compassion. We will soon realise, however, that we are the only ones. For some unknown reason, everyone around Vincent, from trainees at his firm to complete strangers, is suddenly possessed by an inexplicable urge to kill him. At first Vincent endures the constant beatings and tries to carry on with his daily tasks, but as the violence escalates uncontrollably , he will have to change his life if he wants to survive. This film, directed by the French Stéphan Castang, was nominated for the Golden Camera award at the Critics' Week (Cannes) and won the audience award at the Champs-Élysées Film Festival.


Director Stéphan Castang Script Mathieu Naert Producer Claire Bonnefoy, Philippe Logie, Thierry Lounas Cast Karim Leklou, Vimala Pons, François Chattot Language Malaysian Subtitles Português, Inglês Sales GoodFellas Distribution Alambique

Stéphan Castang

Director "Vincent Must Die"
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