A film by Achmed Abdel-Salam

Austria, 2023, 90'

Michi is a young mother undergoing rehabilitation after her alcoholism put the trust of her husband, Alex, and the safety of her daughter, Hanna, in danger. After her estranged father's sudden death, Michi insists on spending a few days at the summer house she inherited with Hanna in order to regain the maternal bond they lost. But as soon as Alex returns to Vienna to work, Michi's repressed memories of her childhood resurface, provoking a paranoid behaviour in her and night terrors in the child. Michi will have to confront her own demons if she wants to protect Hanna from the same cycle of torment. Premiered at the German Hard:Line Film Festival, this first feature by Achmed Abdel-Salam inscribes itself in Austrian cinematography as an ode to forgiveness rhymed with shadows, sunflowers and generational trauma.


Director Achmed Abdel-Salam Script Achmed Abdel-Salam Producer Lena Weiss, Eugen Klim, Victoria Salcher Cast Cornelia Ivancan, Lola Herbst, Lukas Turtur Language German Subtitles Portuguese, English Sales Picture Tree

Achmed Abdel-Salam

Director "Smother"
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