Satan Wants You

Satan Wants You

A film by Steve J. Adams, Sean Horlor

Canada, 2023, 89'

Premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, "Satan Wants You" gives us the untold story of how the Satanic Panic of the 80s and 90s was ignited by "Michelle Remembers", a book of lurid memoirs by psychiatrist, Larry Pazder, and his patient, Michelle Smith. Supported by the Catholic Church, the best-selling book was based on Michelle's memories, recovered through therapy, which revealed that she had been the victim of an abduction in her childhood by baby-stealing satanists... Amplified by the police and the boom of daytime shows on American television, the satanic rumours spread to terrified communities around the world, leaving a trail of destruction and wrongful convictions. This film delves into the roots of moral panic and cult conspiracies, showing how these events still affect and distort our reality today.


Director Steve J. Adams, Sean Horlor Script Steve J. Adams, Sean Horlor Producer Michael Grand, Melissa James Cast Blanche Barton, Charles Ennis, Ken Lanning Language English Subtitles Portuguese Sales Cargo Film & Releasing

Steve J. Adams, Sean Horlor

Director "Satan Wants You"
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