[REC] Horror Without a Pause

[REC] Terror Sin Pausa

A film by Diego López

Spain, 2022, 105'

15 years after the premiere of the Spanish horror film "[REC]", Diego López joins together the protagonists of this film, which forever redefined the film genre, both in Spain and internationally, to analyse key points of the feature produced by Julio Fernández and directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. This documentary, full of never-before-seen footage, reveals some of the secrets behind the origin and gestation of the story and the innovative artistic approach, as well as the impact of the shocking phenomenon that turned "[REC]" into an unprecedented franchise. "[REC] Terror Sin PAUSA", premiered at the Sitges Film Festival, resurrects what is considered to be one of the most important (and unreturnable) points for Spanish cinema and which has three sequels: "[REC]2", "[REC]3: Genesis", and "[REC]4: Apocalypse".


Director Diego López-Fernández Script Diego López-Fernández Producer Carlos Fernández, Laura Fernandéz, Nadine Rothschild Cast Manuela Velasco, David Ambit, Sandra Astor Language Spanish Subtitles Portuguese, English Sales Filmax

Diego López

Director "[REC] Horror Without a Pauser"
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