Mister Organ

Mister Organ

A film by David Farrier

New Zealand, 2022, 96'

Journalist and filmmaker David Farrier unwittingly finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with a mysterious man who is causing disruption in the neighbourhood. Every night, the man locks cars in the parking lot of a local antiques shop and threatens its occupants. The agitator's name is Michael Organ, and little did Farrier know that digging deeper into who Organ really is would take three years - leading him to question his own mental sanity. Farrier continues to seek out fait-divers in the New Zealand press, using his journalistic investigative methods to access the rabbit holes these stories hide, as he did in "Tickled" and "Dark Tourist".


Director David Farrier Script David Farrier Producer David Farrier, Alex Reed, Emma Slade Cast David Farrier Language English Subtitles Portuguese Sales Ant Timpson

David Farrier

Director "Mister Organ"
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