A film by Just Philippot

France, 2023, 101'

Fifteen-year-old Selma has little contact with her father, Michal, a factory worker with a difficult temperament, since he and Élise, her mother, separated. However, when black clouds of acid rain begin to invade the skies over France, the three of them try to put the past aside in order to survive this environmental catastrophe. After playing at the midnight screenings of the Cannes Film Festival, this second eco-horror from Parisian Just Philippot precipitates panic and climate anxiety with its fast-paced editing and cinematography worthy of being framed under the title "the rage of nature". In this apocalyptic scenario in which the rain, instead of fertilising, destroys the earth and everything that inhabits it, the tension is constantly magnified by the erratic relationship between Selma and Michal.


Director Just Philippot Script Just Philippot, Yacine Badday Cast Guillaume Canet, Laetitia Dosch, Patience Munchenbach Language French Subtitles  English Sales Pathé Films Distribution NOS

Just Philippot

Director" Acid"
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