Willy's Wonderland

Willy's Wonderland

A film by Kevin Lewis

USA, 2021, 88'

When his car breaks, a lonely quiet man accepts to clean Willy’s Wonderland, an old arcade space, in exchange for payment and car reparation. This wonderland hides a dark secret, and Nicolas Cage is the protagonist of the epic and bloody fight against the possessed animatronics of Willy’s Wonderland. A movie without any guilt of assuming the ridiculous and raise the heat, with a crescendo of gore, violence and humour in a role that seems to be made for Nicolas Cage. After “Mandy” and “Color Out of Space”, the actor appears to be destined to perform characters that are bigger than life, simple men that end up fighting against the worst kind of monsters (and laughing in their faces). In a silent role, without saying any word, he offers us a genius and insane interpretation in a film that is going to please fans of horror, action and comedy.


Director Kevin Lewis Script G.O. Parsons Producer Nicolas Cage, Grant Cramer, Jeremy Davis Cast Nicolas Cage, Emily Tosta, Beth Grant  Language English Subtitles Portuguese Sales NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais tiago.l.moedas@nos.pt

Kevin Lewis

Director "Willy's Wonderland"
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