Why Don't You Just Die!

Papa, Sdokhni

A film by Kirill Sokolov

Russia, 2018, 100'

A young Matvei knocks on his girlfriend Olya's parents house's door, armed with a hammer. Her father, Andrei, opens the door and invites him in unaware of his intentions. Sitting at the table, Matvei learns through a casual chat that Andrei is not only the worst father in the world, but a police detective on top of that. Thus, begins a bloody cat and mouse game with an unpredictable outcome. Kirill Sokolov's first feature has been described by himself as personal and sincere, despite all the violence, reflecting the contradictions of modern Russian society. But this is not a militant film, as Sokolov was clearly inspired by Tarantino or Edgar Wright's cinema; this Russian submission bewilders the audience with its litters of haemoglobin spilled onscreen.


PRODUCER Kirill Sokolov SCRIPT Kirill Sokolov PRODUCER Sofiko Kiknavelidze CAST Vitaliy Khaev, Aleksander Kuznetsov, Evgeniya Kregzhde LANGUAGE Russian SUBTITLES English, Portuguese SALES Reel Suspects a@reelsuspects.com

Kirill Sokolov

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