A film by Rene Eller

Netherlands, 2018, 100'

During a languorous summer in a village near the border between Holland and Belgium, eight teens are looking for sex and excitement. It all starts with relatively innocent pranks but they quickly realise that it is not enough. Their sexual games gradually start escalating into pornography, prostitution and blackmail, and the teens enter a dark spiral until something terrible happens. We” is a film about the adolescence and a group of friends with sociopathic tendencies, and it both manages to be filled with dreamy images from our youths and moments of extreme violence. First feature by Rene Eller, based on the controversial novel by Elvis Peeters.


DIRECTOR Rene Eller SCRIPT Rene Eller PRODUCER  CAST Aimé Claeys RUNTIME 100’ LANGUAGE Dutch SUBTITLES Português, English

Rene Eller

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