Violence Voyager

Baiorensu Boija

A film by Ujicha

Japan, 2017, 83'

Bobby, an American kid, decides to go explore the mountains with his friend Akkun, in search of a perfect place for a secret base. After finding a mysterious amusement park they are attacked and realize that they will not be able to escape so soon. As they find more and more lost children in the area, they realize that the owner of the facility has a child with very particular needs and a morbid plan in mind.  The two kids and Tokiko, a girl they end up meeting, will have to face all kinds of adversities in order to try to survive. Violence Voyager is an experience like no other, a dark tale full of twisted elements, told through a purposely rudimentary animation technique and a very particular style of drawing that visually sets this film apart from any other in this year’s program.


DIRECTOR Ujicha SCRIPT Ujicha PRODUCER Reo Anzai, Kimitsugu Ueno CAST Aoi Yuki, Naoki Tanaka, Shigeo Takahashi RUNTIME 83’ LANGUAGE Japanese SUBTITLES Portuguese, English


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