Tigers Are Not Afraid


A film by Issa Lopez

Mexico, 2017, 83'

When her mother suddenly disappears, and without anyone to look after her, little Estrella finds herself forced to live in the streets, joining a group of children in the same situation as her. Her survival in the adult world of a great Mexican metropolis will spark a series of supernatural events that will mark her lost childhood. The third feature film by Mexican director Issa López is a black fairy tale about the ghosts that haunt surviving children of the Mexican drug cartel war. The film was awarded at festivals around the world and nominated for the biggest film awards in Mexico. Among its biggest supporters are Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro, who will produce Issa López's next film.


DIRECTOR Issa Lopez SCRIPT Issa Lopez PRODUCER Marco Polo Constandse CAST Hanssel Casillas, Ianis Guerrero, Juan Ramón López, Paola Lara, Rodrigo Cortes, Tenoch Huerta RUNTIME 83’ LANGUAGE Spanish SUBTITLES Portuguese, English

Issa Lopez

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