The Ranger

The Ranger

A film by Jenn Wexler

USA, 2018, 80'

When Chelsea and her friends get in trouble with the police, they leave the city and flee. Under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug called Echo, the group seeks refuge in an old house in the woods belonging to Chelsea's family, who faces this situation with some reservation due to the family secrets the house holds. But the peace within the group will be threatened in the form of a mysterious and ultra zealous forest ranger. Directorial debut by Jenn Wexler, with production credits in independent horror films, who presents us with a modern and subversive look at a sub-genre survival horror but with a punk attitude that brings "The Ranger" closer to films like "Green Room" by Jeremy Saulnier. Produced by Andrew Van den Houten, frequent collaborator of Lucky McKee.


DIRECTOR Jenn  Wexler SCRIPT Jenn  Wexler,  Giaco  Furino PRODUCER Andrew  van  den  Houten,  Larry  Fessenden,  Ashleigh  Snead,  Heather  Buckley,  Jenn  Wexler CAST Chloë  Levine, Granit  Lahu, Jeremy  Pope, Bubba Weiler, Amanda Grace  Benitez,  Jeremy  Holm, Larry  Fessenden RUNTIME 80’ LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES Portuguese

Jenn Wexler

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