The Nightshifter

Morto Não Fala

A film by Dennison Ramalho

Brazil, 2018, 104'

Stênio works the night shift in the morgue of a big and violent city. During his working nights, he is never alone because he has a special gift that allows him to communicate with the dead. However, when the information he hears from the “other side” begins to reveal secrets from his own life, Stênio unleashes a curse that brings danger and death to himself and his family. Initially a television project for Globo, it became Dennison Ramalho's first feature film, having until now only directed some short films, such as "Ninja" (MOTELX 2011), and a segment for "The ABCs of Death 2".  The highlight of Ramalho's work is the script he wrote for the return of Coffin Joe in "Embodiment of Evil", screened in 2008 bringing to the Festival the mythical character.


DIRECTOR Dennison Ramalho SCRIPT Dennison Ramalho, Claudia Jouvin PRODUCER Nora Goulart, Guel Arraes CAST Daniel Oliveira, Fabíula Nascimento, Bianca Comparato, Marco Ricca, Cauã Martins, Annalara Prates RUNTIME 104’ 

Dennison Ramalho

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