The Lodger

The Lodger

A film by Baptiste Drapeau

France, 2020, 92'

Julie has just entered university in Bordeaux. She moves in with Elizabeth, an elderly widow who rents her a room in exchange for help with daily chores. There is, however, one condition: to act as if Victor, Elizabeth's deceased husband, is still alive. It is not long before Julie begins to feel his presence… and a dangerous and inevitable love triangle unfolds. Baptiste Drapeau's first feature film, himself describing it as a «Polanski thriller contaminated by romanticism» – an antagonistic conception that also mixes the cinema of Joseph Mankiewicz (“The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”) and Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”). A timeless narrative that confronts two conceptions of romantic love and two generations of actresses in the figures of Alice Isaaz and veteran Jacqueline Bisset.


Director Baptiste Drapeau Script Ollivier Briand, Mauricio Carrasco, Baptiste Drapeau Producer Marie Ballon, Baptiste Bauduin, Thierry Lounas Cast Jacqueline Bisset, François-Dominique Blin, Alice Issaz Language French Subtitles Portuguese, English Sales WTFilmes

Baptiste Drapeau

Director "The Lodger"
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