The Happiness

A Felicidade

A film by Jorge Silva Melo

Portugal, 2008, 8'

A father and a son. The father must be about 70-years-old, the son a little over 20. The son takes the father to the hospital. The radio plays classical music. Mozart’s “Exultate, Jubilate” sung by Teresa Stich-Randall. The father didn’t know the son liked classical music and the son didn’t know that that would be the last conversation he would ever have with his father. But Mozart asks for the souls to be happy and for men to rejoice.


DIRECTOR Jorge Silva Melo SCRIPT Jorge Silva Melo PRODUCER Manuel João Águas, João Matos CAST Fernando Lopes, Pedro Gil, Miguel Borges LANGUAGE Portuguese SUBTITLES English SALES Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency COPY

Jorge Silva Melo

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