The Girl With the Dead Hand

A Rapariga da Mão Morta

A film by Alberto Seixas Santos

Portugal, 2005, 16'

Sixteen-year-old Cecília has a prosthetic hand. Mariana, her four-year-old cousin comes to live with her in her parents’ house. The mother’s affections concentrate on Mariana. Fueled with jealousy, Cecília dreams of a tragic love which won’t bring her mother’s love back.


DIRECTOR Alberto Seixas Santos SCRIPT Alberto Seixas Santos, Maria Velho da Costa PRODUCER João Figueiras, Sandro Aguilar CAST Rita Martins, Madalena Vitorino, Bia Gomes LANGUAGE Portuguese SUBTITLES English SALES Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency COPY

Alberto Seixas Santos

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