The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

악인전 (Akinjeon)

A film by Lee Won-tae

South Korea, 2019, 110'

Detective Jung believes a serial killer is on the loose, but there’s no evidence to convince his boss the crimes are connected. Meanwhile, gang boss Jang is attacked and barely survives. With both their reputations at stake, the Gangster and the Cop decide to team up. But will they be able to defeat the Devil? This serial killer with peculiar traits deserves a place in the gallery of notorious villains of South Korean psycho thrillers, alongside the characters of “I Saw the Devil” or “The Chaser”.  With Ma Dong-seok, better known internationally for his role in “Train to Busan”, whose stature took Kim Moo-yul to put on 33 pounds to credibly face him physically on-screen. International premiere in Cannes (Midnight).


DIRECTOR Lee Won-tae SCRIPT Lee Won-tae PRODUCER Jang Won-seok CAST Ma Dong-seok, Kim Moo-yul, Kim Sung-kyu LANGUAGE Korean SUBTITLES English, Portuguese SALES K-Movie Entertainment

Lee Won-tae

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