The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady

A film by Jon Knautz

USA, 2018, 90'

While trying to put an end to a troubling affair with a married man, Alice, a young beautician, befriends her cleaning lady, Shelley, whose face was disfigured due to a childhoodaccident. Alice is shy and reclusive, and Shelly will gradually learn more about her, her disturbing past and that some scars run much deeper than they seem. Jon Knautz is a well-known name of the MOTELX audience: his first feature, “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer”, was the closing film in the 2009 edition, “The Shrine” screened in 2011 and “Goddess of Love” in 2015. Based on a short film — in which now protagonist Alexis Kendra played the role of Shelly —, “The Cleaning Lady” is the director’s most dark, disturbing and genuinely creepy work to date.


DIRECTOR Jon Knautz SCRIPT Jon Knautz, Alexis Kendra PRODUCER Jon Knautz, Alexis Kendra CAST Alexis Kendra, Rachel Alig, Stelio Savante RUNTIME 90’ LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES Portuguese

Jon Knautz

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