A film by Demián Rugna

Argentina, 2017, 85'

People who disappear without a trace, people raising from the dead, voices coming from water pipes, invisible beings that kill, objects that move with no explanation. Commissioner Funes asks three supernatural experts — Albreck, Jano and Rosentok —, who will put their own lives at risk, to investigate the terrifying paranormal phenomena that seem to focus on a specific neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. After several awards at South American festivals, "Aterrados" is present in the best horror and fantastic competitions in the world, such as Sitges in Spain, BIFFF in Belgium, Fantastic Fest in the USA, or FrightFest in the UK. As a notable representative of Argentinian horror film's dynamism, it also holds a mandatory presence at MOTELX.


DIRECTOR Demián Rugna SCRIPT Demián Rugna PRODUCER Andrea Kluger, Fernando Díaz, Raimundo Bassano CAST  Maxi Ghione, Norberto Amadeo Gonzalo, Elvira Onetto RUNTIME 85’ LANGUAGE Spanish SUBTITLES Portuguese, English

Demián Rugna

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