Tales from the Hood

Tales from the Hood

A film by Rusty Cundieff

USA, 1995, 97'

Three drug dealers are on their way to buy product from Mr. Simms, who runs a funeral home. Before the transaction, Mr. Simms takes them on a guided tour, evoking the stories of the recently deceased. From these stories stems this anthology, created by Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott with the executive production of Spike Lee, which uses the genre to condemn the social problems that the black community faced following the LA riots in 1992. The segments of this film deal with themes such as police brutality, domestic violence, institutional racism and gang violence. 25 years after its release, “Tales from the Hood” remains as current and relevant as it was in 1995.


DIRECTOR Rusty Cundieff SCRIPT Rusty Cundieff  PRODUCER Darin Scott CAST Clarence Williams III, Corbin Bernsen, Joe Torry LANGUAGE lnglês SUBTITLES  Português SALES Park Circus info@parkcircus.com

Rusty Cundieff

Director "Tales from the Hood"
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