A film by Carlo Mirabella-Davis

USA, France, 2018, 94'

Hunter is a newly pregnant woman whose idyllic existence takes an alarming turn when she develops pica, a compulsion to eat inedible objects and materials - and each new act of swallowing is more dangerous and life-threatening than the previous one. As her husband and his family tighten their control over her life, she is forced to confront the dark secret behind her uncontrollable obsession. Carlo Mirabella-Davis feature directorial debut “Swallow” is a dark fairy tale about women’s control over their own bodies and the constraints of traditional gender roles but also, according to the director, about «confronting demons, both internal and external, psychological and social». Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.


DIRECTOR Carlo Mirabella-Davis SCRIPT Carlo Mirabella-Davis PRODUÇÃO Mollye Asher (p.g.a.), Carole Baraton, Frédéric Fiore, Mynette Louie (p.g.a.) CAST Haley Bennett, Austin Stowell LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES Portuguese SALES Charades nicolas@charades.eu

Carlo Mirabella-Davis

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