Serial Mom

Serial Mom

A film by John Waters

USA, 1994, 95'

Happy housewife Beverly Sutphin has a charmed life – a beautiful suburban home, a successful dentist husband, and two normal teenagers. However, when one of her son's teachers speaks disparagingly of the boy at a parent-teacher conference, Bev runs him over in the school parking lot. Suddenly she has an insatiable taste for murder. From the master of the transgressive and grotesque hidden beneath suburban normalcy, “Serial Mom” was pitched by the director as «not the usual John Waters movie about crazy people in a crazy world, but a movie about a normal person in a realistic world doing the craziest thing of all». Closing film (out of competition) at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.


Director John Waters Script John Waters Producer John Fiedler, Mark Tarlov Cast Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake Language English Subtitles Portuguese Sales Park Circus Group

John Waters

Director "Serial Mom"
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