A film by Raquel Freire

Portugal, France, 2001, 93'

"Rending" takes place in Coimbra around university students and their academic rituals. A closed world, dominated by the Academic Association, by the secular traditions of practices and codes of behaviour. One day a young man from abroad arrives in the city; he doesn’t belong to this world, which remains closed to him. To avenge this rejection, he seduces and conquers several women for morbid and violent purposes. The 'rasganço', which gives its name to the film, is the wildest tradition in Coimbra: on graduation day, friends tear students’ academic gowns with teeth and nails and steal the cloaks, which each doctorate has to recover. World premiere at the 2001 Venice Film Critics Week.


DIRECTOR Raquel Freire SCRIPT Raquel Freire PRODUCER Paulo Branco CAST Ricardo Aibéo, Ana Brandão, Isabel Ruth LANGUAGE Portuguese SUBTITLES English SALES NOS Audiovisuais fernando.j.santos@nos.pt COPY cinemateca@cinemateca.pt

Raquel Freire

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