A film by Daniel Robbins

USA, 2018, 78'

Three college freshmen, Ethan, David, and Justin, are having a tough time adjusting to college life. Rejected and ridiculed by just about every fraternity, they are prepared to give up all hope. That is, until a beautiful girl invites them off campus to a party at a secluded mansion. The party is everything they dreamed college would be — beautiful women, drinking, and a group willing to accept them. When the friends are presented with an opportunity to pledge to the elite social club, they accept without hesitation. But as the hazing process unfolds, they begin to realise the fraternity is not what it seems. Pledge” is an original independent production that dennonces, through the microcosmos of college pledges, the tensions which affect contemporary American society.


DIRECTOR Daniel Robbins SCRIPT Zachary Weiner PRODUCER Mark Rapaport, Keaton Heinrichs, Akiva Nemetsky CAST Zachery Byrd, Aaron Dalla Villa, Cameron Cowperthwaite RUNTIME 78’ LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES Portuguese

Daniel Robbins

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