O Hotel da Noiva

O Hotel da Noiva

A film by Bernardo Cabral

Portugal, 2007, 90'

A group of tourists in the Azores get lost in the forest. They spot an old couple who tells them that there is a hotel nearby that can accommodate them that night. When they arrive at the dismal building, they discover that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of a bride who came to life to destroy them. Will they survive the night? Legend has it that after the world premiere of this film at Coliseu Micaelense, the director “buried” the film never to be seen again. 16 years later, it emerges in the wake of Azoresploitation, whose most representative actor, Mário Roberto (“Freelance” or “Os Últimos Dias de Emanuel Raposo”) makes his debut in this first 100% Azorean horror. Filmed in the ruins of the abandoned Hotel Monte Palace, without official subsidies, by a secondary school teacher with experience in documentaries on regional themes, it has “cult” written all over the place.


Director Bernardo Cabral Script Bernardo Cabral Producer Bernardo Cabral Cast Mário Roberto, Lúcia Caixeiro, Ana Couto Language Portuguese, English Subtitles English Copy Bernardo Cabral

Bernardo Cabral

Director "Hotel da Noiva"
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