O Construtor de Anjos

O Construtor de Anjos

A film by Luís Noronha da Costa

Portugal, 1978, 45'

Late 19th Century. A couple of Englishmen living in Portugal, needing to travel abroad, leave their seven-year-old daughter in the care of a convent of friars. In this convent, children disappear mysteriously. Resulting from the interest of the visual artist Luís Noronha da Costa for cinema, this was his only film produced by the Portuguese Cinema Institute and would become, for its themes - paedophilia and infanticide - a cursed film, rarely screened. Taking advantage of the romantic décor that Sintra provides, "O Construtor de Anjos" is strongly influenced by the films from the British studios Hammer, in particular those made by Terence Fisher, of whom Noronha da Costa was at that time the greatest advocate.


DIRECTOR Luís Noronha da Costa  SCRIPT  Luís Noronha da Costa, Luis Vilaça, Nuno Júdice PRODUCER
Instituto Português de Cinema CAST Agostinho Alves, Anthony Peter, António Caldeira Pires LANGUAGE Portuguese SUBTITLES English COPY cinemateca@cinemateca.pt

Luís Noronha da Costa

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