Nothing Changes

Ne Change Rien

A film by Pedro Costa

Portugal, France, 2009, 100'

“Ne Change Rien” originated in the friendship between actress Jeanne Balibar, sound director Philippe Morel, and Pedro Costa. Jeanne Balibar, singer, from rehearsals to recordings, from rock concerts to lyrical singing, from an attic in Saint Marie-aux-Mines to the stages of Tokyo, from “Johnny Guitar” to Offenbach’s “Périchole”. Contrary to its usual format, this film is closer to Costa's fiction than to the conventional musical documentary, where Balibar becomes somewhat of a character in the director's universe, such as Ventura or Vanda Duarte. We see her drift from rehearsal to rehearsal, almost condemned to wander in an artistic labyrinth, through increasingly expressionist plans. French critic Phillipe Azoury went further, stating that this film “turns Balibar into music’s Nosferatu”.


DIRECTOR Pedro Costa  SCRIPT Pedro Costa PRODUCER Abel Ribeiro Chaves CAST Jeanne Balibar, Rodolphe Burger, Herbé Loos LANGUAGE Portuguese, French SUBTITLES English SALES Midas Filmes

Pedro Costa

Director "Horse Money", "Ne Change Rien"
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