Necronomicon - Geträumte Sünden

A film by Jesús Franco

West Germany, 1968, 84'

Lorna Green is a performer in a pseudo-snuff nightclub act involving erotically staged S&M murders. Lorna's mind might be controlled by a character known only as Satan, who has the intention of forcing her to turn her act into reality. Considered Franco’s masterpiece, it was severely censored by General Franco’s dictatorship that cut many of the film’s sequences – there are very few 35mm prints in the world, one of them belonging to Quentin Tarantino. Shot in Lisbon, where Franco felt more at ease than Spain because of permits and licenses, it’s Jack Taylor’s debut as a lead actor but also the film debut of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Acclaimed director Fritz Lang called “Necronomicon” «a beautiful piece of cinema».


DIRECTOR Jesús Franco SCRIPT Pier A. Caminnecci PRODUCER Adrian Hoven CAST Janine Reynaud, Jack Taylor, Adrian Hoven LANGUAGE German, Spanish SUBTITLES Portuguese, English

Jesús Franco

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