Name Above Title

Um Fio de Baba Escarlate

A film by Carlos Conceição

Portugal, 2020, 61'

The quiet life of a serial killer in Lisbon is shaken when a strange incident turns him into a social media star. Candide, a seductive and unperturbed serial killer, stumbles upon a young woman who has just jumped off a building and asks him for one last kiss. The moment is captured on camera and fires up all social media, dramatically altering Candide's life. Carlos Conceição, one of the emerging talents of Portuguese cinema, makes his debut at MOTELX with a slasher that has the baroque colours and fetishism of the best Italian giallos and a strong tendency towards profane representation. The presence of Leonor Silveira summons a certain history of Portuguese cinema confronted with post-modern society. Winner of the Revelation Award for Best European Filmmaking at the Seville Film Festival.


Director Carlos Conceição Script Carlos Conceição Producer Carlos Conceição, António Gonçalves, Mirabilis Cast Matthieu Charneau, Joana Ribeiro, João Arrais Language No dialogues Sales Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency

Carlos Conceição

Director "Name Above Title"
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