My Baby

A Filha

A film by Solveig Nordlund

Portugal/Sweden, 2003, 93'

Ricardo Monteiro is a media and television presenter. He is 45 years old and has just won the Golden Star for the most popular show of the year when he receives an ultimatum from his daughter, Leonor. If he does not come home in time to celebrate her 18th birthday, he will never see her again. When he gets home, he finds an empty apartment and his daughter missing. Ricardo thinks this is a game, but in the absence of phone calls and messages, he begins to worry. Another girl, Sara, says she can help find her. But Sara will discover in the worst way the reasons that led Leonor to run away.
Highlight to the remarkable interpretation by Joana Bárcia in this intense thriller, this screening also serves as a tribute to the actor Nuno Melo.


DIRECTOR Solveig Nordlund SCRIPT Solveig Nordlund, Vicente Alves do Ó PRODUCER Manuel João Águas  CAST Nuno Melo, Joana Bárcia, Margarida Marinho, Cecília Guimarães RUNTIME 93’ LANGUAGE Portuguese SUBTITLES English

Solveig Nordlund

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