mon mon mon Monsters

Baogao Laoshi! Guai Guai Guai Guaiwu!

A film by Giddens KO

Taiwan, 2017, 110'

Shu-wei is a high school student constantly bullied by his classmates, while their teacher doesn’t seem to care. After an accusation of theft, he will have to perform community service in the company of his bullies. While the young men roam through dark corridors inside old buildings, tormenting the old people they were supposed to help, they will cross paths with a cannibal monster. Second feature film by Giddens Ko Ching-teng, following a romantic comedy, “Mon Mon Mon Monsters” is a monster film — where humans are not necessarily the victims — outrageous, grotesque, bloody, and unpredictable. Closing film at the Hong Kong International Film Festi - val, it was also screened at BiFan, Udine, and Fantasia


REALIZAÇÃO Giddens KO SCRIPT Giddens KO PRODUCER Angie CHAI CAST Deng Yu-Kai, Kent TSAI, Eugenie LIU RUNTIME 110’ LANGUAGE Mandarin SUBTITLES Portuguese, English

Giddens KO

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